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adult day careAdult Day Care in Miami

New Life provide adult day care services a place where someone requiring supervision can spend the day and have the opportunity to socialize and receive medical care.

The New Life Adult Day Care service allows individuals to live at home and enjoy a social network that can eliminate feelings of isolation. It can also reduce the stress that family, friends and caregivers may experience in managing an individual’s needs.





Individuals who qualify for this program may be:

adult day careChronically ill
adult day care “At risk” with disabilities
adult day careIn need of comprehensive medical and rehabilitation services
adult day careLiving in the community either alone or with caregivers

Participants must have a medical diagnosis requiring skilled services, such as rehabilitative therapy or nursing care. Participants must also be residents of Miami-Dade County and be at least 18 years of age.


The New Life Adult Day Care Program provides all of the services that you would find in a nursing home: 

adult day care physical, occupational and speech therapy
adult day care  nursing care and audiology services
adult day care nutritional and health counseling
adult day care social services/case management (i.e. referrals to specialists)
adult day care Share in stimulating recreational activities
adult day careHave an opportunity to interact socially with peers
adult day careEnjoy Latin-inspired home cooked meals
adult day careReceive assistance with medication, physical or speech therapy if needed
adult day careReceive assistance with the activities of daily living with dignity

Members can expect to be at the center on their scheduled days for five hours. Transportation arrangements are coordinated by the program staff.

Members receive the services ordered by their physician in a structured setting. Nursing assessments and health education are ongoing, and age-appropriate recreational activities are scheduled daily. Members are served a nutritionally balanced mid-day meal.

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